We’re based in Toronto and specialize in Easy Care plants & design forward planters so you can increase your connectivity to nature though Biophilic Design. Biophilic Design is the concept of increasing exposure to the natural environment through the use of nature in design.

At Carbry Co we love creating something signature for you, so our website is focused on pre-orders and special events. Order from our Discover Our Collection page in the menu or send us a line via our contact page. If you're unsure what you want / what your space needs that's ok too - we will help you with the right solution.

Easy Care Done Right

All the impact with little care

High-impact, low maintenance statement plants. This means you can rest easy knowing your plants will always look amazing, even if you don't have much time for care.

Pre-order your Easy Care plant / planter combo via the button below.

Looking for a specific solution? Send us a message via our contact page and we will get you that too!

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Custom Services

Have a spot that needs life but not sure what to pick?

Are you a designer or corporate client?

Reach out — we love helping you realize a custom design solution!

A Special Collection

We curate a special collection specifically for our friends at Coco Market.

From grab and go planters to smaller statement pieces, it's always worth stopping by the store.

Nestled in Toronto’s Rosedale community — Coco Market is your one-stop-shop for a modern wellness-led lifestyle.

Offering a highly curated collection of food products, home goods and wellness essentials as well as a collection by Carbry Co — the aesthetically pleasing Coco Market is a must visit.

Courtyard Oasis

Visit the Courtyard Oasis

Located in a private courtyard in Rosedale and only accessible through Coco Market, The Courtyard Oasis is a great place to sip on a cool drink this summer while enjoying Biophilic Design and the outdoors.

Start your own Oasis. Feel inspired and want to kickstart your own Oasis? Select items in The Courtyard are available for sale and pre-orders / custom solutions always available.

Build your Oasis