• Home

    Find the perfect plant / pot combo for your home, home-office, or corporate space.

    With no extra fees for custom sourcing we get you the perfectly potted plant(s) to make your space come alive.

  • Retail / Commercial

    Don’t just benefit from Biophilic Design, allow your clients to aswell.

    With a rotating hand-sourced collection in your retail / coffee shop your place will feel great, your customers will love it, and you can make additional sales for your business.

    Connect to discuss partnerships.

  • Staging

    A Home always show best when filled with life.

    We work with you to acheive the perfect balance of life to ensure your listings show at the highest level.

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Let’s get you a custom solution.

Our Direct-to-Customer Interior Design Solutions in Toronto offer you the opportunity to get something truely one-of-a-kind and tailored for your space.

How it works

  • Send us a message it’s the first step in the journey.
  • We will then ask you some key questions.
  • We draft the proposal and then we can get to work.