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The ZZ + Pedestal Planter

The ZZ + Pedestal Planter

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Easy Care!  Another beautiful easy care plant. We love ZZ’s for their shape and care-free attitude. Much like a cactus the ZZ is very forgiving and ideal for those that travel often or just forget to water on the regular. An incredibly Easy Care plant with broad coverage. The ZZ Plant is care-free and impactful. 

They make for a great visual statement adding instant greenery and broad coverage to your environment, without much effort. Water as infrequently as once every two months while you are on vacation. Low light tolerant. Watering every three weeks is often ideal.

Paired with the beautiful, local and hand-finished Pedetral Planter by Niagara-based Common House Studio.

Available in 10 inch size and multiple colour ways.

This is a great option for pretty much any environment and is very Easy Care. Order yours today.

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