We’re in business to improve lives through Biophilic Design

Biophilic Design is the concept of increasing exposure to the natural environment through the use of nature in design. Biophilic Design can be traced back to the Gates of Babylon and has many benefits.


Thanks for visiting Carbry Co.

I always feel best when a room is full of life so I started Carbry Co. to share my love for plant-based design with each of you.

— Ian

Founder, Carbry Plant Co.

Plants are Art

We specialize in Biophilic Design — this means including beautiful living-plants in your space. We do this for all manner of spaces.

The best way to do this is through our custom sourcing. Send us a quick note and we will find the perfect statements for your environment.

We also offer curated limited-edition collections through our online store and in-person through our stockists.

Where we do it

We deliver to the GTA / Golden Horseshoe region of Ontario. Check out our delivery page for more information.

Should you be in Ontario but fall outside of this region please send us a quick message as we may be able to organize a custom solution for you.

Managing our Impact

We do our best to limit our environmental impact. With this in mind, deliveries will re-use packaging materials and plant sleeves from prior deliveries when possible.

This is the only area we sacrifice aesthetic but we know its worth it.

Please recycle your delivery materials on reception.

Founder’s Story

We’re in business to improve lives through biophilic design.

Carbry Plant Co’s founder, Ian has always loved having and nurturing plants — both indoors and out. After years of incorporating indoor plants into his family home, friends started to ask for advice on how to do the same — this is an organic origin story.

The name of Ian’s first home — Carbry — is a combination of his parents names and felt like a perfect fit for a brand focused on creating beautiful indoor spaces. 

No mater where you are incorporating plants into your aesthetic we love to help. Our goal is for you to realize a design solution that not only amplifies your space but leaves you feeling great through biophilic design.