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Cactus + Handmade Clay Planter Combo | 10”

Cactus + Handmade Clay Planter Combo | 10”

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Easy Care! The perfect easy care plant. This beauty of a cactus makes a statement without the work. Water as infrequently as once every two months. 

We love this cactus so much with our Cibele planter we are doing them as a set!

This beautiful cactus is almost 4ft | 120 cm tall measured from the ground. The Cibele planter is our favourite hand-made clay planter from Portugal. 

Pot size: 10 inch | 120 cm

Plant Bio

Your new cactus will prefer a well light environment preferably with direct light to propagate growth. Good news is that bight indirect light is also an option but it will be much slower to grow (if at all). In bright direct light water when completely dry and in non-direct light approx every 8 weeks. 

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