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Kelpy Plant Food | 250ml

Kelpy Plant Food | 250ml

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We use Kelpy to keep our plants thriving. 

Currently available in 250ml size and 29ml dropper. A little goes a long way . . .

Refill station available!

Drop by Coco Market in Toronto to fill up your empty Kelpy bottle at a reduced price!

What makes Kelpy the best fertilizer for indoor plants?

It's easy to use indoor plant food made form wild harvested Canadian kelp. It won't cause salt build up and can be used year-round for happy healthy plants. 

Kelpy is food for plants that helps promote new growth, bigger leaves, more vibrant colours and builds resistance to pests. Making it the best plant food. 

Our kelp is harvested from the frigid coastal waters of British Columbia where it grows more than 2 feet a day from the rich mineral glacial outflow that feeds it and is cold processed (never heated) to keep all of the vitamins and nutrients intact. 

Brand Bio

Kelpy helps you grow lush, gorgeous plants year-round. Founders Alicia and Miguel became obsessed with kelp when they learned that kelp captures 20 times more carbon per acre than land forests, grows 2 feet a day and can be transformed into an incredible nutrient rich fertilizer for your plants that you can use year-round.

They started experimenting with their own houseplants and were totally blown away with the results. Friends who came over kept asking how their plants were so lush and healthy. And after learning that many common fertilizers are made from fossil fuels with a heavy carbon foot print, they felt compelled to get Kelpy out in the world as an alternative to help our plant pals thrive. Let’s grow!

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